How Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos' Daughter Lola Feels About Paparazzi After Growing Up in the Spotlight

Lola Consuelos Reveals How Parents Really Feel About Her Boyfriend

Lola Consuelos doesn't mind a flash or two, even in her adult years.
As Kelly Ripa—who is mom to the 22-year-old and her brothers Michael, 26, and Joaquin, 20, with husband Mark Consuelos—revealed, the couple became "hypervigilant" when it came to photographers taking pictures of their children during their younger years. But as Lola noted, her parents handled it in a way that stuck with her for life.

"I was very aware of it, and I always tell this to people," Lola told her mom during the Sept. 27 episode of Kelly's Let's Talk Off Camera podcast. "I think you and dad did the best job of raising us with that type of stuff because we knew what was going on, but you always told us that it was something else."

She explained, "When we'd walk home from school, I'd be like, 'There's people taking photos of us,' and you're like, 'They're taking photos of the birds.' I'm like, ‘No Mom, they're really not taking photos of the birds. I promise you they're taking photos of us.' I think if you had made it a big deal and would've reacted to it, obviously we would've reacted to it as well."

photosKelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos' Cutest Instagram Pics

Safe to say, keeping their cool has become second nature.

"But because you literally did not care and still don't," Lola continued, "we do not care and we still don't care."


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How Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos' Daughter Lola Feels About Paparazzi After Growing Up in the Spotlight

In fact, the "Paranoia Silverlining" singer also explained that fans approaching her parents for pics is just another moment in time that she's gotten accustomed to.

"If someone comes up to you if we're having dinner and asks for a picture," Lola shared, "it doesn't even register. It's just—time passes and we continue."

Keep reading to see the family's cutest pics.

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